Multi-Instrument 3.8

Suite of tools including oscilloscope, signal generator and multimeter
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Multi-instrument is a suite of tools that includes an oscilloscope, a signal generator, a multimeter and a spectrum analyzer. The product is intended for professional use and, as such, it requires using special hardware, except for the oscilloscope, which can get data directly from your computer’s sound card. The built-in tools can perform various types of analysis in the domains of time, frequency and time-frequency.

The program has the kind of interface that characterizes technical software. It is filled with lots of buttons, menu commands and options, which makes it quite difficult to use by non-experts. Luckily, it comes with an excellent help file and even a user manual. Depending on the instrument, there are different panels that graphically show the values being captured. Luckily, these panels can be manipulated on the working region so that some of them are visible at the same time. Once you have arranged them, it is a good idea to save the layout as default for future usage.

Again, according the instrument, the data are visible as waveforms that you can calibrate to meet your specific requirements. Similarly, the input can also be processed using various statistical procedures to calculate the maximum value, minimum value, mean value and root mean square value. Finally, it is good that the program supports those tests that require integrating data from various loggers. In this regard, it allows merging and extracting data from various sources.

The product has so many features that it is practically impossible to review all of them. Just an example, the digital oscilloscope includes a transient recorder, a data recorder, a voltmeter, various digital filters, a persistence module and an AM-FM-PM demodulator. It also allows generating Lissajous plots and taking equivalent time samples.

To conclude, there is no doubt that Multi-instrument may come in handy for various types of experiments and procedures that require acquiring and analyzing data from different sources. The product is available in different editions (Lite, Standard and Pro) with prices that range from $24.95 for the SC Oscilloscope to $499.00 for the full package. Besides, there are add-on modules, such as a 3D plotter, a data logger and a vibrometer, which may be purchased separately. Fortunately, you can try all the features available from the Pro edition using some sample files at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Includes various tools
  • Supports add-ons
  • Excellent help documentation
  • Allows integrating data
  • Various sample files


  • Only appropriate for experts
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