Suite of tools including oscilloscope, signal generator and multimeter
Multi-Instrument v3.8
17 Oct 2020
Editorial review
Multi-Instrument v3.7
17 Jul 2017
Multi-Instrument v3.5
26 May 2015
Multi-Instrument v3.4
8 Dec 2014
Multi-Instrument v3.3
6 Jun 2013
Multi-Instrument v3.2
6 Feb 2010
Multi-Instrument v3.1
20 Dec 2008

What's new

v3.8 [24 Mar 2018]
Added Frame Width dialog box for [File]>[Open Frame By Frame] so that users can specify the frame width explicitly.
Added [Display Ch. A only], [Display Ch. B only] and [Display All] commands in the context menus of Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer and Spectrum 3D Plot.
Added variable support for Instructions SIR and SOR in Device Test Plan.
Added Title for X-Y Plot via X-Y Plot Chart Options in Device Test Plan.
Added DDPs: OutputAmplitude_A(dBFS) & OutputAmplitude_B(dBFS).

v3.4 [8 Dec 2014]
- Added "WaveFile" option in waveform selection box on Signal Generator panel to allow wave file replay through signal generator under streaming mode. It is able to convert the sampling rate and bit resolution of the wave file automatically if they are different from those of the Signal Generator. Also, it allows the selection of sampling channels if the number of channel supported by the DAC hardware is different than that of the wave file.
- Added IPT instruction in Device Test Plan to allow user input such as the input from a barcode scanner. The texts input from the user is stored in a DDP called UserInput.
- Added SEL instruction in Device Test Plan to allow user selection between two options.
- Added User Log In/Off control in Device Test Plan. The user nametext is stored in a DDP called UserName.
- Added a DDP called TestResult in Device Test Plan to summarize the test result: PASS/FAIL/DONE.
- Added 5 volatile and 5 non-volatile integer variables as well as a Reset button for non-volatile integer variables in Device Test Plan.
- Added OPT instruction to perform mathematical operation, ,-,*,/, on these 10 variables in Device Test Plan.
- Added CLR instruction in Device Test Plan to clear the intermediate test results in Process Viewer or Device Test Plan Log. For the latter one, an option is provided to store the texts into a file before clearing them.
- The Result Window of Device Test Plan is expanded to the right at runtime. It is split into four display areas with three of them programmable.
- Added a comprehensive set of special formatting characters in the description of LOG instruction in Device Test Plan so that it can write texts to a file with a fixed name or a name automatically changing with date and time, UserName, UserInput, etc. Header lines and subheader lines are supported. The LOG instruction can also be used to write to the three programmable display areas of the Result window.
- The execution of some instructions in Device Test Plan are sped up such as LOG, JMP and CHK.
- Added Step Label function in Device Test Plan. It will move up and down automatically with its associated step while deleting or inserting a step.
- You can manually mark a failed step in Device Test Plan as PASS based on your own judgement.
- You can manually select a step in Device Test Plan and choose to start from there.
- Added a context menu in the Process Viewer of Device Test Plan.
- Added a user configurable timeout setting for SIO and STI instructions in Device Test Plan.
- Improved the duration accuracy of OUT instruction in Device Test Plan.

v3.3 [6 Jun 2013]
- Added support for second-generation VT DSOs including all the advanced functions such as trigger frequency rejection in Oscilloscope, effective bit resolution enhancement in Oscilloscope, mixed signal display in Oscilloscope, DDS mode in Signal Generator, DC offset in Signal Generator and Device Test Plan.
- Added oscilloscope persistence and equivalent time sampling modes.
- Peaks detected in Spectrum Analyzer can be sorted by either magnitude or frequency.
- Added Number of Decimal Places in DDP viewer.
- Added 16 User Definable Data Points (UDDP) in DDP viewer. Sophisticated mathematical formula can be used to define a UDDP. An example of a DTMF decoder in noisy environment is provided.
- It is possible to log a time stamp in Device Test Plan Log.
- Added non-overwrite mode for SIO and OUT instructions in Device Test Plan.
- Added non-trigger mode for SIO and STI instructions in Device Test Plan.
- Added a code example for vtDAQ intermediate interface DLL (MyDAQ.dll) to allow MI interfaces to a third-party DAQ device.
- Added peak-to-peak DDPs for A and B channels.
- Added IIR coefficient files for moving average filters (2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256 points) in Oscilloscope.
- Step execution clock in Device Test Plan is increased by 10 times. Added a sample device test plan for playing "Happy Birthday" music.
- The displayed precision of a variable is based on its own source precision. The value is written in the form of xx.xx y, where y is G,M,k, ,m,u,n, or p, each of which represents a power of 1000. The displayed value will not move left and right as the value changes.
- Modifying entries in Device Test Plan, ADC device database and DAC device database became easier.
- The parameters for each channel in the toolbars are colored with the color specified for that channel.

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